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We do NOT spam. Various multi-level marketers & other criminals have recently sent out spam impersonating us, & having our return email address, so that people would complain about spam and cause us to be shut down (a/k/a "joe job"). These multi-level marketers and other criminals have engaged in this form of cyber-terrorism because our telling the truth about their fraudulent schemes was hurting their ability to sell to new victims. Fortunately, our ISP now recognizes that these fake spams are bogus and ignores them, and additionally we are duplicating this site on numerous other servers (including "hardened" servers as well as our own proprietary servers) so that we cannot be harmed by these multi-level marketers and other criminals. Death to Spammers!


Quatlosers Hall of Shame

These special-editions Quatloos commemorates those who have made a name for themselves in their particular business endeavors.

HYIP (5 Q)

Clyde Hood


MLM (10 Q)

Dave Struckman
Dan Anderson & Zoe LaMantia


Advance Fee (25 Q)

Sani Abacha


Offshore Planners (50 Q)

Marc Harris


Terry Neal


Jerome Schneider


Tax Protestors (100 Q)

Joe Banister


Thurston Bell


Bill Benson


Bill Conklin


Rick Haraka


Eddie Kahn


Devvy Kidd


John Kotmair


Dan Meador


Lynne Meredith


Peymon Mottahedeh


"Judge" John Rizzo


Larken Rose


Irwin Schiff


Bob Schultz


Otto Skinner


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